Patriot Place Assisted Living is dedicated to
the dignity of human life, recognizing that each
person has physical, mental, emotional and spiritual needs and rights and that these rights must be
respected.  Patriot Place Assisted Living
believes that it is important to serve and preserve
life, and to prepare for death when it is inevitable
through spiritual support, understanding and empathy.

Admission to these facilities shall be based on the
level of care needed, the environment most appropriate
for the resident, and the availability of accommodations.

Each resident shall receive care in an ethical
manner regardless of race, color, religion,
national origin, sex, handicap, or age.  All
residents will be treated with dignity and respect.

It is our desire that all personnel employed by
Patriot Place Assisted Living will be of good
moral character and will be treated justly and kindly
as they uphold the policies of this organization.

Mission Statement
Patriot Place Assisted Living